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7 Tips To Clean Your Hot Mess Of A Backyard

If you're reading this right now, chances are that your backyard is a complete and total mess. Having a Spekless maid service handy to clean the messes in and outside of your house is essential.

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7 Outdoor Design Tips You Should Know

For those of us with a love of design, it’s hard to ignore the backyard and the patio when we undertake a bit of a refresher with our interior styling. A new paint job, some new furniture and new light fixtures all deserve to be complemented by a new outdoor design too!

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Why You Should Add Landscape Lighting to Your Landscaping

As a visitor approaches your gateway and enters the gate door, the first thing that he or she will notice is how well your garden or pathway is lit. Both front yard and backyard are the essential part of the house, and it is of utmost importance to keep it illuminated for numerous reasons.

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Decorating the Garden Fence: 6 Ideas that You Will Love

The fence is an essential part of the décor in any garden and yet, we often totally forget about it. It is almost surprising how much difference fences can make if you manage to decorate them properly, and the following six tips are meant to help you with just that.

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6 Vintage Furniture That Fits Your Garden

There’s nothing cozier than a garden that feels lived in. While pristine lawns look great in the glossy pages of design magazines, who doesn’t want something a bit more rustic? While you can find a lot of modern outdoor furniture at your local big-box store, these lack a special charm that sets some gardens apart.

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7 Ways On How You Can Make Your Garden Pet-Friendly

Most of us pet parents are nature lovers and are thus into gardening as well. We wish to ensure that our gardens are safe, healthy, yet fun for our animal family members like our cats, dogs, guinea pigs, and even tortoise.

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Five Effective Designs to Transform Your Garden

When you look into your backyard, is it just grass? There may be a few trees back there, but there's nothing great about them. Can you imagine something more? Can you envision an immaculate garden full of beautiful colors and luscious greenery? If so, then make it happen! Use that yard to the fullest.

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How To Build a Wooden Fence for Your Garden

A wooden fence can enhance your garden’s natural aesthetics, provide a security barrier and increase your privacy. While it seemed a challenging task, State Fencing - Fence Company New Orleans has shared their long experiences of fence installation and you can build the fence easily, if you follow these steps..

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Make Your Home Look And Feel Like A Cottage

Going to visit the cottage for a long weekend is a quintessentially Canadian activity, but unfortunately, not everyone is lucky enough to have a lakeside log home passed down through generations or to have enough money to purchase a new one.

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5 Ways a Backyard Renovation Can Result Into A Sanctuary

Several years ago, my mother was on a mission to purge her home of everything unnecessary. She wanted less clutter and more importantly, less chores.

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