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6 Creative Ways You Can Use A Garden Pod

If you have a creative mind and always looking for new and exciting things to add to your backyard, then a garden pod may be the perfect addition you have been waiting to try.

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Outdoor Living: The Basics of Wood Deck Maintenance

Are you the type of person who enjoys landscaping and keeping your home in pristine condition? Do you meticulously make home repairs to ensure that the exterior of your home is exceptional?

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Uselful Tips For Proper Birdbath Placement

A fresh and clean birdbath tends to attract birds that will not flock on your feeders or those that are not interested in birdhouses. However, the birdbath will not do any good if you do not put it in the right place. Also, poor placement is not only dangerous to birds but makes your yard unappealing.

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8 Backyard Design Ideas On A Budget

Upgrading your backyard landscape doesn’t have to be a bank-breaking affair or just a dream. Whether it has to do with softscaping or hardscaping, furnishing or enhancing with color, there are lots of budget-friendly ways to create an impactful backyard.

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How To Create The Ultimate Relaxing Garden Office in Your Backyard

Have you ever woken up in the morning and felt like not going to work that day? You just couldn't bring yourself to spend a day in the office and be productive.

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7 Tips To Clean Your Hot Mess Of A Backyard

If you're reading this right now, chances are that your backyard is a complete and total mess. Having a Spekless maid service handy to clean the messes in and outside of your house is essential.

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7 Outdoor Design Tips in 2019

For those of us with a love of design, it’s hard to ignore the backyard and the patio when we undertake a bit of a refresher with our interior styling. A new paint job, some new furniture and new light fixtures all deserve to be complemented by a new outdoor design too!

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Why You Should Add Landscape Lighting to Your Landscaping

As a visitor approaches your gateway and enters the gate door, the first thing that he or she will notice is how well your garden or pathway is lit. Both front yard and backyard are the essential part of the house, and it is of utmost importance to keep it illuminated for numerous reasons.

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Decorating the Garden Fence: 6 Ideas that You Will Love

The fence is an essential part of the décor in any garden and yet, we often totally forget about it. It is almost surprising how much difference fences can make if you manage to decorate them properly, and the following six tips are meant to help you with just that.

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6 Vintage Furniture That Fits Your Garden

There’s nothing cozier than a garden that feels lived in. While pristine lawns look great in the glossy pages of design magazines, who doesn’t want something a bit more rustic? While you can find a lot of modern outdoor furniture at your local big-box store, these lack a special charm that sets some gardens apart.

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