Green Thumb Gift Guide: 10 Ideas for the Plant Lover

In the last three years, houseplant sales have increased by 50% in the U.S.

Your social media feed is likely brimming with photos of luscious plants and watering tips. Perhaps your loved one is plant crazy but they have every species possible so you’re not sure what to get them.

Sound familiar? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Here are nine perfect gifts for anyone with a green thumb.


1. Plant Books

Aside from having a shedful of garden stakes, every plant lover should have an array of books to learn from.

A fantastic option is Wild at Heart by Hilton Carter, a book filled with gorgeous photos of house plants along with advice like the best spot in your home for plants and finding the right pot. You could also spoil them with Leaf Supply: A Guide to Keeping Happy Houseplants by Lauren Camilleri and Sophia Kaplan.

Not a big reader? Then gift your green-thumbed friend Ron Finley's Masterclass. Otherwise known as the "Gangsta Gardener", Finley teaches viewers about garden creativity and how to start a veggie garden, perfect for expanding your friend’s skillset.

2. Plant Mister

One of the best gift ideas is a glass bottle plant mister. Plant parents love misters because they add humidity for indoor plants when they can’t naturally get it, useful for those in cold climates. Misters are crucial if your loved one has orchids, zebra plants, ferns, and arrowhead plants.

3. Groovy Plant Stand

If your plant-loving friend is besotted with small plants then consider getting a multi-tiered stand so they can display their favorites. Or choose a mid-century style planter as it’s a great way to showcase a statement plant.

For dramatic plant parents, you could even get a Corinthian-style column pedestal and place their favorite succulent atop it.

4. Herb Garden Starter Kit

Sure, your loved one’s apartment may be brimming with plants but what about herbs?

This is the ultimate gift for the holiday season as your friend can grow their basil, parsley, and other fresh herbs to elevate their meals. The kit even comes with engraved sticks so you can track the growing process, the ultimate gift for green thumbs.

5. LED Grow Light

If you’re after plant essentials, then gift the plant lover in your life a grow light.

LED lights are the best because they’re effective for a wide range of plants and use less energy than other light bulbs. You can also get your friend a hydroponic indoor garden if they’re don’t have enough time to nurture their plants. It also comes with a self-watering system in case they forget.

6. Cocktail Garden Kit

Treat your favorite gardener to a cocktail garden drink. Instead of gardening for their next meal, they can grow the ingredients for their favorite alcoholic beverage. For instance, cocktail kits have lime basil, mint, and borage so they can enjoy the fruits of their labor.

A bonus is you need little space, the cocktail garden can grow on the patio or a balcony.

7. Hanging Planters

One of the best houseplant gifts is giving them a home. Hanging planters are fantastic because they don’t take up the room (a must-have for apartment dwellers!) and look fantastic. Choose gold for a luxurious look or go modern with a ceramic hanging planter, the perfect way to breathe life into a room.

8. Brass Watering Can

Step up your loved one’s watering game by giving them a stylish, brass watering can. Find one with a long spout as it controls the pour so your friend doesn’t have to mop up spilled water later on.

Further, many plants require the perfect amount as overwatering could kill them. Luckily, most watering cans have measurements on the side so you know exactly how full to fill each one. Plus, if plant parents have hundreds of plants then it’s easier to reach the ones at the back.

You can also get a moisture probe as they tell you how much water is in the soil, perfect if your plant-loving friend is prone to overwatering.

9. Propagation Kit

A propagation kit is like a miniature greenhouse where you root plant cuttings. The kit protects and gives them enough moisture so they can survive until they sprout roots. It’s a brilliant way to teach kids the basics of gardening thanks to the step-by-step instructions.

Or gift your loved one an indoor houseplant box that contains a plastic planter, instructions on how to care for it, and the perfect soil. You can choose between assorted indoor, aquatic, and air plants.

10. A Succulent Selection

Succulents are a dream for plant lovers because they purify the air, brighten up the home, and work with every climate. Gift your loved one a selection so there’s a variety of colors and types. Plus, they fit every room whether it’s to improve their bathroom decor or the kitchen.

So spoil them with a burro’s tail, pincushion cactus, or Roseum because they’re low-maintenance and unique.

Those Are the Top Green Thumb Gifts

Now you know 10 great gifts for friends with a green thumb.

Improve their plant knowledge with books, a Masterclass, or a propagation kit so they can control the process from start-to-finish. You can also give them handy tools like a stylish watering can or LED grow light so they can nourish their plant babies. Regardless of what you choose, your plant-loving friend will love it. Happy shopping!

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